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With the  continuous movement to step away from harsh synthetic ingredients for the sake of our own health and that of our natural environment, you may have seen plenty of ‘home made haircare recipes’ on your google search. But not all natural products are made equal.


For starters when the word ‘recipe’ is used it should be an instant red flag. In professional product development we only use specific scientific formulas, NOT recipes.  Measurements and calculations must be exact and never measured in cups or mls.

An incredibly popular product used by many eco-mums whipping up shampoo and body products in their kitchens is castille soap. Castille soap is indeed a natural alternative to other harsh synthetic surfactants and cleansers but it must be used properly. Lets not forget about the importance of PH levels in our selfcare products. The PH of our skin is 5.5 our scalp is between 4.5 - 5.5 and the PH of our hair sits even lower at 3.67 therefor optimum PH levels for hair products sits around 5. Well that ever loved castille soap sits at a PH of 7. Too high! Incorrect levels in your haircare products can severely damage the hair shaft leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage. Not what you want!

Another factor to consider is the usage of essential oils. I LOVE my essential oils. Especially rosemary. Mmmmmmmmm rosemary 😊 However there are very specific safety requirements for usage levels of these oils when incorporating them in your hair and skin care. Again they need to be measured exactly, NOT in terms of “1 or 2 drops”

But great news… you no longer have to rely on dodgy homemade recipes if you’re wanting to be more eco-friendly and economical. You don’t need to sacrifice your hairs condition and quality results to go natural. There are more and more companies slowly making the switch to offering natural and sustainable options. The development of shampoo and conditioner bars in the last year has been astronomical. If you’d tried these in the past and been disappointed don’t give up yet! Rox Lox Haircare’s new range of Rox Blox bars are an industry gamechanger! Developed by an actual hairdresser with a diploma in natural haircare formulation, these guys actually work. They’re even targeted at different hair types specific needs as all good haircare should be.


So next time you’re scrolling for natural alternatives, remember these factors to consider.


Peace, love and fabulous hair




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