What are surfactants? And more science stuff!

What are surfactants? And more science stuff!

 Surfactants are the cleansing ingredients used in everything from shampoo to dishwashing liquid. These are what create the foaming effect in your cleansing product. Nowadays harsh surfactants like SLS and SLES are out the door in favour of more gentle options.

Being a completely natural haircare company, the surfactants we use are all safe, gentle and suitable for all hair types. However, to make our products the best for you, surfactant levels need to be adjusted for differing hair concerns.

Surfactant quantities need to be modified for different hair types. As do all other ingredients in your haircare routine as different hair requires different attention. Oily hair obviously needs slightly stronger cleansing and less oils and buttery ingredients. Whereas dry and damaged hair needs less deep cleansing and more conditioning properties added. Not to mention the plethora of beautiful botanicals which all have specific hair & scalp treating goodness.

This is why at Rox Lox we don’t agree with one size fits all natural haircare that is oh so common on the market at present, especially in the world of solid shampoo and conditioner bars. There is so much more to haircare than its fragrance, even when you’re choosing a more natural and sustainable option. There are so many wonderful safe, non toxic, ethical and eco friendly ingredients that can be used to suit specific hair needs. This is our focus. To bridge the gap between natural and professional haircare. Haircare developed by a hairdresser who wants to address your hair issues and needs whilst addressing all of our environmental concerns too!

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