Time to Make the Switch!

ROXLOX - Time to make a switch
Did you know that shampoo and conditioner bars are actually more economical, as well as an eco-friendly and easy to use alternative to shampoos and conditioners in plastic bottles?
Let us explain…
Using recycled plastics, especially in the hair and beauty packaging industry, just isn’t cutting it anymore! Plastics can only be recycled a maximum of 2-3 times before they can’t be recycled anymore and end up in landfill anyway.
Whilst using recycled plastics does help to reduce some plastic consumption, it’s just not making enough of an impact towards stopping the plastic pollution problem. (FYI 550 million shampoo bottles, only shampoo bottles, are thrown away each year in the US ALONE!) and it’s no longer sustainable; that’s why switching to solid shampoo and conditioner bars is becoming an ever more popular choice as we realise that plastic-free alternatives really are the only way forward.
 ROX LOX Eco-friendly
The benefits aren’t just environmental but also economical too!
Shampoo and conditioner bars last much longer than their bottled counterparts, on average you are saving 2-3 plastic bottles from landfill by replacing just one of your regular bottles to a bar alternative. They are also more water efficient than traditional shampoos and conditioners. Saving the planet and saving you money at the same time! Hooray!
With all of these benefits, why not make the switch?
You won’t just notice a difference in the health of your hair and your budget, but also the impact you are leaving on the environment!

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