Natural Vs Synthetic

ROXLOX - Natural vs synthetic
Do you know what synthetic ingredients in your haircare products are doing to your hair? Those long names on your ingredients labels can sound scary right? Well in a lot of instances they are.
Sure, synthetics like silicones can make your hair feel smooth, silky, and easier to comb, but do you actually know what they’re doing?
Synthetic products can be a lot harsher on your hair, and they can do consistent damage to your hair, and hair follicle itself over time. So even though it might ‘feel’ better, it doesn’t mean your hair is healthier. Coating the hair shaft to make it silky smooth they tend to leave a build-up on your hair which can be difficult to remove. This build up also stops any nourishing ingredients to penetrate the hair to actually treat, repair or protect. Causing the hair to weaken over time and end up dull and lifeless. This is before we even get started on the detrimental affect some of these commonly used synthetics have on our general health once they absorb into our scalp and bodies.
Natural products are milder, contain antioxidants that can help to eliminate free radicals and pollutants from your hair, while continuing to nourish your hair from deep within, rather than coat it. Enabling a healthy shine and smoothness from the inside out.
Natural ingredients are also better for the environment as they are generally completely degradable and soluble without damage to our waterways and soil. Whereas synthetics, especially silicones from shampoo etc are actually pollutants!
Until recently there has always been a huge gap between the natural and professional haircare markets, and straight up coconut oil just doesn’t cut it for everything, am I right?! Now natural technologies have come a long way as people strive for better alternatives and become more health focussed. Eco-friendly and natural isn’t just for hippies anymore, it’s for everyone and increasingly being considered the new salon luxe, and so it should be!
 ROX LOX - Natural vs synthetic
At the end of the day, we all want a healthy planet and healthy hair, and now you don’t have to choose between the two anymore! There are amazing natural products out there that are better for the environment and better for you, which is a win win in my book.

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